Meet the Cast

as Wendy
Katie Weigl is an award-winning stage actress. She has appeared in productions of A Christmas Story, Avenue Q, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Autograph Hound, The Music Man and more.

as Dave
Dan Conrad is a writer and actor known for Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded and I’m Bill Myrtle, Your Next Congressman. He is also the creator of The Magic Bears and the Choose Your Way Through series.

as Steve
Greg Vorob has produced and acted in film projects including Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded, The Master Chef, Wintimidation and Greg’s Guardian Angel. Greg has also worked on the stage as an actor and director.

marc-backyard-phoneMARC SEIDENSTEIN
as Tom
Marc Seidenstein is a NYC based stage and screen actor. He has appeared in a number of productions including Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded, The Blood Bank and The Master Chef.

as Wayne & Will
Jamie Insalaco is a writer and director who has created shows including Quick Reviews and short films. Will Reading is his first feature film.

>> Cast and crew interviews available upon request.