a discarded production idea for Will Reading


Any time you make a movie, you’re going to have ideas that just don’t make it into the flick.  Such were the custom license plates I came up with for the characters Wayne (Bad Guy) and Wendy (Vegan 1 – just barely a reference to Ghostbusters).  I had a few different ideas on how to accomplish this, but digital replacement seemed like the way to go… but I ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the time and effort.

And so, the idea ended up on the proverbial cutting room floor.


Adobe Premiere Sequence Video Glitch Solved


While editing my movie Will Reading (also checkout the Official Site), I’ve come across the weirdest glitch.  Distortion in the form of lines would appear and last for a frame or two.  They usually occurred near edits, but not always.  Observe:


Sometimes they would appear as lines of color (as seen above) and sometimes they would appear as bits of video from other shots – sometimes from clips that aren’t even in the same sequence!  It’s very strange and I could find no help online.   (Of course, it’s hard to find help online when you don’t know what to search for and now I realize I should have posted screen grabs on forums and asked for help rather than searching.)

So, after some thought, I came up with three different possible solutions:

  1. new sequence – create a new sequence (FILE > NEW > SEQUENCE…) and just copy and…

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Meet the Cast

as Wendy
Katie Weigl is an award-winning stage actress. She has appeared in productions of A Christmas Story, Avenue Q, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The Autograph Hound, The Music Man and more.

as Dave
Dan Conrad is a writer and actor known for Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded and I’m Bill Myrtle, Your Next Congressman. He is also the creator of The Magic Bears and the Choose Your Way Through series.

as Steve
Greg Vorob has produced and acted in film projects including Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded, The Master Chef, Wintimidation and Greg’s Guardian Angel. Greg has also worked on the stage as an actor and director.

marc-backyard-phoneMARC SEIDENSTEIN
as Tom
Marc Seidenstein is a NYC based stage and screen actor. He has appeared in a number of productions including Marty and Doug’s New Religion, Overcrowded, The Blood Bank and The Master Chef.

as Wayne & Will
Jamie Insalaco is a writer and director who has created shows including Quick Reviews and short films. Will Reading is his first feature film.

>> Cast and crew interviews available upon request.

Will Reading – the movie is DONE!!! (updated #12)

Will Reading is a movie I started writing on May 30th of 2013.  The third draft of the script was finished in the spring of 2014 after which I started casting and other pre  production tasks.  We had a table read in August of 2014 and went into full production mode, which lasted for… I dunno, until around June 2015 and everything I shot after that was called post production pickups.  I had already started editing some of the more challenging sequences while we were shooting, but editing didn’t begin in earnest until after shooting ended and really picked up steam in January of 2016.

And now it’s done.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again:  I’m so very grateful and proud of everyone that worked on the movie and that the result we achieved have exceeded my wildest expectations!

If you check out the Will Reading link, you can follow along on my production diary.

Stay tuned to this website and the movie’s Facebook page for updates on when and where you can see the movie!


Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #8)

Here’s a taste of what you’re missing on our Facebook page.

We’re finally on the home stretch, the final leg, the end of principal photography on Will Reading.  I think the hardest bits are behind us and it should be relatively smooth sailing until we finally coast into the port for the final docking.  Boat metaphors.  Continue reading “Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #8)”

Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #5)


Production/Principal Photography/Whatever You Wanna Call It is in full swing on Will Reading.  Above, we’re just about to shoot the pivotal bar scene.  All movies should have a pivotal bar scene (Good Will Hunting) – or at least a memorable one (Gremlins).   Continue reading “Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #5)”

Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #4)

The Prop Table Is taking shape!

Pre Production on Will Reading is about to come to a close. Our little movie’s script has been shaped into a shooting draft, we’ve got a prop list, a shooting schedule… all that good stuff. At this point, I’m just waiting for the last bits of equipment and props to arrive in the mail while I’m putting together storyboards and shot lists for each scene.
Continue reading “Will Reading – a movie in production by CreativeJamie.com (update #4)”