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We’re very excited to announce that for the month of January, we’re donating 100% of all views, rentals & sales of WILL READING to the Animal Protection League of New Jersey. We’re also adding $5 per view! Just take a selfie with the movie and tag us at #WillReadingMovie on Facebook or Twitter!

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5000+ minutes streamed, comments & reviews

Here’s a few updates:

Will Reading has now streamed over 5000 minutes on Amazon Prime Video! It’s right here, ready to be watched – and we sure could use a five star review! We’ve been stuck at 12 reviews for a while now.

And speaking of reviews, we’ve received a few reviews in the way of comments on YouTube at the movie’s trailer:

stoner comedy,  recreational marijuana

So, yeah, this is a thing that is starting to happen for some reason. Why? I couldn’t say. Will Reading includes no cannabis use or even references. Now if that’s what you’re looking for, check out Harold & Kumar, Half Baked, Pineapple Express, How High, Cheech and Chong and so forth… and watch Will Reading, too! But is it a stoner comedy? I… I don’t think it meets the criteria, but who am I to judge? Maybe Will Reading is to a stoner comedy as red wine is to chocolate – meaning, Will Reading pairs well with recreational marijuana. Could be! Maybe someone could do some research for us and let us know the results!

If you’ve seen the movie and have a second, please drop us a five star review on Amazon! It’d really help us out by upping our visibility in Amazon’s search results. Just click here, scroll down and drop us a few words:

See? One word will do! So if you have a change, please drop us a five star review. Thanks!

Outtakes and bloopers from kitchen scene (Will Reading 2020)

Here’s some outtakes and bloopers from the kitchen scene.  And this is just a taste – there aren’t just more from the movie, there’s more from this part of the movie!

Will Reading is now available to watch free with Amazon Prime!  You can watch the movie here.

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Drop us a Review!

As you may know,  Will Reading is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video! It’s a very exciting time – and, it’s kind of bizarre to go to Amazon and see the movie in search results with big budget Hollywood movies. But the thing is, it’s generally buried, found pages and pages deep in Amazon’s search results.

We’ve been working on the movie for so long, it’d be nice to think of this stage of digital distribution as the last step, but it’s not. We’re trying to get the word out, and it’s not easy. But there is a way YOU CAN HELP!

One of the easiest ways to help the Amazon algorithm help other users find the movie is by writing a five star review, which you can do here. It’s easy to see that lots of people have watched the movie (Nearly 3500 minutes streamed so far!), but not everybody has been able to write a review. If we could get half of the folks that watched the movie to give us a five star review, we’d probably have around 20 reviews.

MATH: The thinking here is with 3500 minutes streamed DIVIDED BY 80 minutes (the 1 hr, 20 minute running time of Will Reading) equals 43.75 views – assuming people watched the entire movie and saw the post credits scene. (FUN FACT: The post credits scene has always been in the script, all the way back to first 2013 version of the script.)

As you can see at the review above, a review doesn’t have to be long – even a single word will do.

Oh! “Not everybody has been able to write a review.” This is true. Sure, some people watch the movie at night, so when it’s over they’re ready for bed, no time to write a review. Hopefully, they’ll get to it eventually. But other people who are to close to me have been blocked from writing a review. Makes sense – they’re biased, the system knows we’re connected, I get it. I, of course, can’t write one either.

But maybe you can! If you have a minute to spare, write us a review here and soon, your reviews and others like it will propel it up the charts so when folks look for something to watch on Amazon, Will Reading comes up.

If you’re jazzed to help us, another thing you can do while you’re on Amazon is to add it to your watch list. Every little bit helps! And if you’re on social media and you don’t mind telling your friends/followers about your Will Reading experience, that’d be great, too! Here’s a helpful image we’ve been using to market the movie.

Thanks to everyone for helping us get the word out about Will Reading! We’re so happy to have the movie available for everyone to see and we appreciate your help in making the digital distribution a success!



Congrats, Reviews, 1000+ minutes streamed!

jamie congrats

First, a big congratulations to the cast of Will Reading on the debut of the movie streaming on Amazon Prime!  They worked hard and waited a long, long, LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time for this!

In other news, user reviews on Amazon are starting to trickle in:


Pretty neat, huh?

And the movie is performing better than I expected – we’re already passed the 1000 minute streaming mark inside the first few days, something I thought would take two weeks or so!

1000+ min

There’s all kinds of stuff happening on our social media pages, so be sure to follow us!  And remember, if you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, Will Reading is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

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