screener edition

Will Reading is now streaming on Amazon Prime! But maybe you already knew that.  And maybe you already saw it way back when we sent out the Screener Edition DVDs.  But guess what?  The movie has changed quite a bit since then!

After our screening, I realized the movie had problems I hadn’t really noticed until I saw the movie on a giant screen with an audience.  There were pacing issues, a lack of visual spectacle, all sorts of things that needed changing.  AND CHANGE THEM WE DID!

Now, we think we have the best version of the movie possible, and its out there for everyone to see. So even if you saw it before, it’s time to give Will Reading a second look!  And drop us a five star review, those are SUPER HELPFUL!

There’s all kinds of stuff happening on our social media pages, so be sure to follow us!  And remember, if you’re looking for something to watch this weekend, Will Reading is now streaming on Amazon Prime!

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