Production/Principal Photography/Whatever You Wanna Call It is in full swing on Will Reading.  Above, we’re just about to shoot the pivotal bar scene.  All movies should have a pivotal bar scene (Good Will Hunting) – or at least a memorable one (Gremlins).  


Above, you’ll see our lighting stand-in, Chris, posing in front of one of the first lighting setups for the attic scene.  Chris is super helpful and easy to work with – never complains, is always on time, etc.

I’d say we’re somewhere around being 30% done with shooting… something like that.  We still have many big scenes to shoot, as well as the more complicated ones (for example, the various scenes 11s, 19s and 25s make up the bulk of the shooting schedule) along with green screen as well as ADR sessions and who the hell knows what else.

The cast is doing amazingly well.  We’re shooting nights and we’ve had some hot ones, but everyone has been up to the challenge.  They’ve also been patient while they wait for me to drag equipment around from one setup to the next.  I’ve also done just a bit of editing and like the actual production, so far, so good.  Every time I do some editing, I always remark, “Hey, this looks pretty good – who worked on this?”  So, it’s safe to say that things are exceeding my expectations.

Well, maybe not the smoke machine – but that’s a tale for another time.



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