Here’s a taste of what you’re missing on our Facebook page.

We’re finally on the home stretch, the final leg, the end of principal photography on Will Reading.  I think the hardest bits are behind us and it should be relatively smooth sailing until we finally coast into the port for the final docking.  Boat metaphors. We wrapped our first cast member last night – that is, we finally have completed all scenes for one cast member.  The other three cast members have 1.5 days left (the half day is the same day for all of them), while I have probably 2 days of shooting my scenes and another day or so filming green screen backgrounds.

IE, I need to film what will replace the green screen.

So, there’s about 7 more days of filming, but since I’m not working on this project full-time, it’ll probably get stretched out over the next several weeks.

Last night’s shoot was an exhausting one.  Follow me around the house and marvel at all the madness we got done…

  1. Starting at around 6:40 PM, we recorded a quick voice over.  This took about 10 minutes.
  2. Then, we did some additional vocal recording – figure that took another twenty minutes.
  3. Next, I moved the lights and camera from our principal set for the evening on the first floor into the attic to shoot several green screen shots.
  4. Then, I moved the lights and other gear back to the main set on the first floor and we filmed… I dunno, maybe another 10 or so shots down there.


If this doesn’t sound like a lot to you, then I’m not doing it justice.  And this doesn’t include any of the setup I did in the days beforehand.  I’m definitely sore today.

Anyway, I’m so pleased we’re nearly done.  Everyone has worked so hard and donated a ton of time to this effort, and so far, I think we’re still on track for premiering the movie at festivals in 2016.

If you want to follow the movie a bit more closely, check out our facebook page!


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