Since the last update, things have picked up a bit more steam.

The Vlog
I launched a vlog for Will Reading and for the site in general. I talked a bit about how I wrote the script and the limitations I put on myself to make sure that this was a movie that I could film… and I yammered on about some other movie related topics, too.

The Actors have signed on
No one has exactly signed a contract in their own blood, but everyone on my wish list seems like they’re available to be in the flick, which is awesome sauce as they’re four amazing actors who will elevate the material.

The Second Draft of the Script is Finished
I’ve now finished the second draft of the script and sent it off to the actors. I’ll take their notes (as well as my own) and write a third draft, which will hopefully be the final iteration. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and read the script in one sitting yet, so I’m sure that’ll be a helpful exercise – and I’m sure some of the character arcs need work, too… anyway, there’s still more writing to be done!

The New Camera and Film Equipment
Now that the new camera has arrived and I’ve had a few weeks to play with it, I’m slowly getting more comfortable with the professional features. I have to make a decision on the shotgun microphone I have at some point, but otherwise, we’re good to go.

Coming up
Well, I have to get everybody’s notes on the 2nd draft and write the third draft, and then the story boarding can start… those are the two biggest things on the horizon. After that comes a table read (July), a rehearsal day (August), and shooting (September). (All dates are tentative!) Oh, and the song… I need to work with our music man on the song!

That’s all for now – stay tuned for more updates!


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